Sociology in Canada

Sociology in Canada

The University of Alberta offers undergraduate programs in criminology and sociology, including minors and majors. Students take a number of core courses such as population and society, social psychology, introduction to social methodology, inequality and social stratification, and others. The University of Calgary also runs a sociology department and offers a wide array of core courses such as introduction to criminal justice, sociology of gender, sociology of health and illness, and equality issues. The University of Victoria features graduate and undergraduate programs, including majors and honors programs. A diploma program in social justice studies is also offered. Students learn more about demography and family dynamics, social change, popular culture, social problems, health and aging, and other themes, trends, and topics. They also learn about self and identity, social justice and law, and social inequality and its impact on the Canadian society. The university also offers doctoral and Master’s programs such as the cultural, social and political thought program. The Athabasca University also features a graduate program in integrated studies with a focus on equity, cultural, or community studies. Students can choose from different focus areas, including educational studies, heritage and social history, etc. The list of courses offered includes governance and leadership, social movements, cultural studies, and community development, among others.

The Canadian Sociological Association

The CSA is a professional association with a sizable membership coming from the private sector, non-for-profits, government agencies, colleges, and universities, both domestic and international ( The association organizes an annual conference to offer members the unique opportunity to share and discuss administrative issues, academic and educational matters, research programs and opportunities, etc. The CSA also produces a number of publications such as the E-Bulletin Newsletter, Canadian Review of Sociology, and others.

Job Market Prospects

The list of sociology jobs in Canada is quite long meaning that students have good job market perspectives. Jobs to look into include research analyst, social impact assessment specialist, immigration support specialist, professor, academic, post doc fellow, etc. Academics, for example, teach courses that explore themes and issues in political theory, sociology, philosophy, and psychology. Immigration support specialists are tasked with immigration caseload, developing application forms, answering queries and questions, and retrieving and filing documents and paperwork. Community and advancement officers are tasked with managing relationships with corporations, businesses, and other players and are responsible for donations, gift solicitations, and prospect management. The goal is to increase revenue through multiple sources and channels. Victim support workers offer emotional support and assistance to witnesses and victims of violence, trauma, and crime. Workers offer counseling, referrals, and information, accompany victims to different agencies and to court, and report on the progress and outcome of cases.

Jobs and Career Paths

There is plenty to do if you hold a sociology degree, from working as a youth worker, social worker, and social researcher to development worker, further education teacher, and family support worker. Other options include a community development worker, advice worker, and charity fundraiser. You can also apply for a job as a public relations officer, probation officer, or human resource officer. Other positions for those who hold a sociology degree include UX analyst, housing manager, and actuarial analyst. As you can see, a sociology degree in Canada opens a myriad of opportunities for employment and professional development.

Applications of Sociology in Business

Sociology has a number of applications in business, from analyzing market opportunities and current trends to hiring and dealing with employees and analyzing customer behavior to increase sales and profits.

Market Trends and Opportunities

A degree in sociology helps identify current trends and market opportunities, including consumer demographics, sales trends, consumer buying habits, needs, and preferences. Market research analysts who hold a sociology degree help businesses find the best way to promote, advertise and sell their services and products. They create and conduct surveys in person, by telephone, and online to better understand consumer behavior. Market research analysts also follow new marketing, industry, and customer trends to help businesses make important decisions regarding promotion and sales channels. To this end, analysts use a number of tools and technologies such as eye tracking, GPS, and others. They are also tasked with identifying different marketing types such as market champions and market refusers as well as businesses’ visibility, extent of client connectedness, and more. Market research analysts are usually employed by marketing departments across industries and sectors. (

Public Relations

If you hold a degree in sociology, you can also work as a PR to develop and implement public relations strategies. You will be responsible for developing crisis management strategies and organizing different events such as press tours, open days, exhibitions, press conferences, and others. PR specialists also develop promotional materials such as multimedia presentations and films, photos, promotional videos, and mail leaflets. They use different promotional materials such as handouts, publicity brochures, company websites, social media, and others. To this end, PR specialists analyze and follow media coverage, both online and in different publications, including magazines, in-house magazines, etc. They also work on annual reports, articles, conference speeches, and case studies. PR specialists help businesses enhance their public image by answering questions and queries by other businesses, organizations, individuals, customers, and media. They organize and attend media events for networking purposes and attend meetings with interested parties, organizations, businesses, suppliers, and customers. The main goal is to foster community relations, attract new customers, and increase turnover, sales, and profits. (

Dealing with Employees and Workers

Persons who hold a sociology degree also work as human resource managers in large and mid-size businesses. They interview candidates to help companies with the selection and recruitment process. Human resource managers and specialists are also experienced in managing conflict and addressing complaints and demands. The job responsibilities of HR specialists also include facility management, employee training, performance evaluation and management, and job design (tasks, responsibilities, shifts, working hours, etc.) Human resource managers help businesses attract skillful, talented, and experienced employees with a set of strengths and abilities, including conceptual, communication, collaboration, business, and behavioral skills. HR specialists assess candidates for skills such as decision making, critical thinking, conflict resolution, conflict management, flexibility, and teamwork.

Applied Sociology and Employment Prospects and Opportunities

In addition to selection, promotion, and analysis of market trends, persons with a sociology degree, and especially applied sociologists work across industries. They work as evaluations and impact planning officers, case managers, urban development advisers, and policy analysts. A number of employment opportunities and job openings are there to explore, including public policy assistant, strategic analyst, project manager, and qualitative analyst. They also work as research officers and research coordinators. Applied sociology helps graduates find employment in different industries and cultural and social contexts. Sociologists are equipped with skills to appreciate and promote cultural diversity and sensitivity at the workplace and help mitigate and resolve conflict and improve productivity.